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First Church Year #2

January 30, 2012 7 comments

This Sunday brought new experiences to our journey in our first church year.

First, Sunday School was a good time.  One person needed prayer and we gathered around to pray this person and their circumstance.  From there, we had a lesson on unity.  One thing we all agreed on is that we cannot go through this life alone.

I have a college friend who is a member of this church.  She came over and talked with Jan before the service began.  She was checking with Jan on her recovery from surgery a week ago.

The worship service was another good one.  It was a mixture of contemporary music with some old hymns.  I would give you more details, but the flow goes from one song to another.  I don’t have time to stop in the middle and write down the song titles.   I also don’t want to in the middle of singing.

The sermon was about the demon possessed man from Gerasenes.  My friend on staff preached about how this man had a story, but had an even greater story once Jesus had healed him from the possession.  The point was that we all have a story to tell as well.  We all have a story that we can share with people about how we came to know Christ and what He has done in our lives.

Following the service there was a fellowship lunch.  We were able to eat with the church  and get a better picture of what the church is really like.

That was it for yesterday.  Jan is still recovering and does not feel 100%, so we did not return last night.

How was your church service yesterday?