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Developing An Appetite For God

February 20, 2014 3 comments

Once when I was little, we had macaroni and cheese for a meal.  It seems like it was at a picnic, but I was young and it is one of my earliest and vaguest memories.  I can’t swear to that being the truth or not.

What I do remember, though, was that I got sick.  I threw up and the macaroni and cheese was the culprit.  At least in my two or three-year old mind it was.  My reaction?  I never wanted to eat macaroni and cheese again.  I still don’t.  The memory returns every time I smell or even see macaroni and cheese.  I get nauseous at the thought of eating macaroni and cheese.

I cannot develop an appetite for macaroni.


I went through one of those phases when I graduated high school.  I was a good kid, but decided it was time to have some fun and do some things different.

I began to drink a little beer.

I remember that first drink.  It was terrible.  So was the second and third ans so on.  I wondered why anyone would want to drink the stuff.

The next time, it still tasted bad, but not nearly so bad as the first.  It gradually got better and better until I longed for it and desired it.

I developed an appetite for beer.


It has been the same throughout life with a few other things.  Chocolate.  Diet Mountain Dew.

I have an appetite for a few things.  I desire them.  I long for them.

I think it’s the same with God.

In our natural state before coming to know Him, we have no appetite for Him at all.  Nothing will stoke our appetite so that we desire  God.  It’s like macaroni with me.  We are born with a sickness that makes us nauseous at the thought of God.  On our own, we won’t desire a taste of Him at all.

What’s the cure?  How do we overcome this?  How do we develop an appetite for God?

He gives us the way in HI word.  It’s a scripture that I use time and time again in this blog.

O taste and see that the Lord is good.

Taste him, even when you don’t want to.  Taste Him again.  And again.

Try your best to founder on Him.  Try to fill up on Him.

He will be like the manna He sent the Israelites.  Enough for each day

He will be like the quail He sent them as well.  So much that we can’t believe it.

He is the Living Water that Christ offered the woman at the well.  We will never thirst again.

We will finally have an appetite.

We will develop an appetite for God.

How is your appetite for God?