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Church Search Results

November 29, 2011 17 comments

If you are reading this to find out if we have settled on a church, I’m sorry to disappoint you.    That is not what is going to happen today.  What I am going to reveal are the results of my family and I discussing the past month of our church search.  First of all, let me review for you what happened over the past month.

First, we visited a mega-church that is approximately 45 minutes away from our home.  The preaching was verse by verse and the music was professional.

The next week we visited another mega-church at one of their satellite campuses.  The music was live, but the preaching was broadcast from either the internet or DVD.  I was not able to determine that.

On the third Sunday, we visited a traditional, SBC church with an energetic preacher for a pastor.  We were able to watch several people be baptized during this visit.

This past Sunday we visited a church where the entire service lasted 1 hour 40 minutes.  The preaching lasted approximately 50 minutes.

I created a simple spreadsheet on Sunday night.  I listed each church and each member of our family.  I asked each person to rank the churches.  The church each person liked best received a score of 4 and proceeded down from there.  I did this to quantify what I was hearing from my family.  There are other factors going into our decision-making for our church search.

Church #1 received the highest score with 3.75.  Three family members liked it best, with the other person ranking it second.  However, this church does not make the final list due to distance factors.  We feel that a 45 minute drive is too far for us to be active in a church like we would like to be.

Church #2 received the lowest score with a 1.  Every family member ranked it last among the four.  This is not to say that it is a “bad” church.  It just did not “click” for us.

Church #3 came in third with a score of 2.375.  One family member ranking it second, two ranking it third and one ranking it tied for second.

Church #4 came in second with a score of 2.875.  One family member ranked it first, one second, one tied for second and one third.

So, where do we stand at this point?  We have eliminated churches #1 and 2 from consideration.  That leaves us with churches #3 and #4 to consider going forward.  We will probably visit these two over the next four Sundays to further evaluate them.  So, the process continues.

Please continue to pray for us as we prayerfully visit these churches.  Don’t worry.  We aren’t going to let a spreadsheet tell us where to go to church.  That was an exercise that was fun and helped us look at our subjective feelings in an objective way.  We are considering aspects about these churches and not just our subjective feelings.  Most of all, we want to go to the church where we believe we can follow Christ, where He is glorified and we can serve Him.

****By the way, this is blog post number 200 for Deuceology.  It’s really more than that, but I did delete posts some a few months ago.  But this is the official 200th post.  Thanks for reading. I would write this if you didn’t read, but you make it more fun****

Church Visit #1

November 7, 2011 15 comments

Yesterday, we began our church search.  It was the first time we have been in a church service since August 14.  Our children were excited and I can’t deny that I looked forward to  it as well.

I won’t state the names of the churches we visit on the chance that someone takes what I say here as negative.  I just want to discuss what we experienced.

The church we visited is what I would call a mega church.  I call it that because I noticed that the attendance last Sunday was around 3,300 in their worship services.  This is certainly not what I am used to.  To put it in perspective, the choir and orchestra had more members than the attendance of my previous church.

I can honestly say that I have never visited a church like this one.  When we entered, there was a bustle of activity.  There was a welcome counter in the front that seemed as though it was a concierge center as a nice hotel.

The service was very slick and professional.  I say that only to say that the service flowed.  There was no down time.  There were no quiet moments.  The music was powerful.  Everything was done with excellence.

The sermon was biblical.  What I mean by that is that the pastor read scripture and stuck with the scripture throughout the message.  Humor was sprinkled in, but there was no joke telling.  The pastor was not simply stating his opinion.  He was busy explaining what the scripture meant and said.

Was there anything I would consider negative?  The major question that I was left asking was how can you plug-in to a church that large?  I’m sure you can.  I simply don’t know how.

I also wondered in a church that large, how you can know the pastor?  I’m used to knowing the pastor fairly well.

Leaving this church was unlike anything I have ever seen.  It was difficult to just back out of a parking spot.  Police also stopped traffic on a major highway to let people out.

Realistically, this church is too far away for us to plug into and be in community with.  I am happy to have experienced it.  It was a good start to getting back to church.

Please continue to pray for us as we visit another church next Sunday.  We already have one picked out.  It’s another that is atypical to what we are used to.  This process is certainly a journey.  I look forward to sharing that you next week.