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What About Your Ambitions?

You have ambitions. You have had them all of your life. You have places you want to go and people you want to meet. You have a bucket list of things to do before you die. You have goals you want to achieve.

There’s nothing wrong with any of that. 


Except that our ambitions that we think are so big and great, may actually be too small. We may not be reaching high enough.

Francis Xavier said this: “Tell the students to give up their small ambitions and come eastward to preach the Gospel.”

C.S. Lewis compared our ambitions to playing in the mud. We muck around thinking about sex and food and such, when God is offering us so much more.

Now, don’t think I’m suggesting for all of us to stop what we’re doing, quit our jobs and go to seminary or Africa.

Just stop for a minute and consider.

You don’t have your dream job. You have the ambition of creating a blog, building an audience, writing a book and quitting your day job. OK. But what if that ambition is too small. What if God has you where you are for a strategic reason that only He is aware of? Maybe your ambition of quitting is too small. Maybe the big ambition that God has for you is to remain where you are to make a difference. 

Maybe you are a mid-level manager in corporate America. Maybe God has you right where He wants you to fund the mission He wants you to pursue.

Maybe it is time to move on to something else.

John Piper was a small college Bible professor. He got a picture of a God who would not simply be analyzed. He knew he had to proclaim this God to others. He became a pastor of a dying church. He became proclaiming this Living God in a way that they had never heard. The church, in turn, began to live. He’s pastored that church for thirty years. Now he is about to turn the reins of this church over to someone else. He has an ambition of writing more and speaking more and teaching more. He has no small ambition. He feels God pulling him in this direction.

The point of all of this is this: we must view our ambitions through the lens of the Gospel and the Kingdom. Our ambitions cannot rule us. Instead, they must be ruled by our relationship with Christ.

What ambitions is He giving you?

But Lord, I Don’t Want To Go To Africa

March 14, 2012 18 comments

I do not want to go to Africa.  Never have.  Don’t ever expect to.  My daughter’s boyfriend is going to India on a mission trip this summer and he is pumped up about it.  He wants to go and feels the Lord leading him to do it.

Sometimes we act as though we have to go to Africa, India, Haiti or some other exotic, foreign land to serve the Lord  What do we do when we don’t want to go to some international destination to serve Him?

He Gives Us The Picture As Needed

When Jesus called His disciples, he simply said, “Follow Me”.  He did not tell them that he would send them out on a mission in teams of two.  The closest he came was saying that he would make them fishers of men.

This is not much different from the Old Testament.  The Lord did not give Abraham all of the details at once.  Neither did He with Moses, David or much of anyone else.  He told them what they needed to know at the right time.

You want to serve the Lord, but think that may involve Africa?  It may.  Or it may not.

He Gives Us The Tools We Need

The Lord told the disciples to take a few things with them.  A tunic.  A pair of sandals.  A walking stick.  Why?  He wanted them to depend on God for their needs.

David faced Goliath with a slingshot.

Israel waited each day for manna for that day.

God simply wants us to depend on Him for what we need.

He Prepares Us His Ministry

The disciples went out and preached that men should repent.  They cast out demons.  They healed the sick.

They couldn’t do that before they followed Christ.  He taught them how to “do ministry”.  He gave them the power to cast out demons and heal.  They were prepared by Christ for ministry.

David was a teenager when he was anointed king.  It was years before he actually ascended to the throne.

It took Noah about one hundred years to build the ark.

Paul spent about fourteen years between meeting Christ on the Damascus Road and becoming a super apostle.

The bottom line is that if God calls you to go to Africa, He will place a desire to follow Him there.  He will give you the tools you need for the ministry.  He will prepare you to go.  Then you can go to Africa.  Or India.  Or wherever He wants you to go.

Have you ever been afraid of what the Lord was calling you to do?  Do you think you could never do what He wants you to do?

Good Christian B****es, Part Deuce

March 2, 2012 5 comments

On May 18, 2011, I wrote a blog post called Good Christian B****es.  You can read it by clicking here.

In just two days, on Sunday night, the show GCB will debut.  While I don’t plan to watch, I had an interesting conversation with a friend about it on Twitter this week.  My friend is outraged and asked if we shouldn’t say, as Christians, shouldn’t say something.  My response was  yes, we should say something.  Here is what I think we should say.

We should proclaim the Gospel.

We should proclaim Jesus.

We should be loud and proud about it.  We should take the opportunity to tell the world what Christ did for us.

I know a lot of people want to stand up and fight for our faith and the fact that this show will be a mockery of what the Body of Christ is really like.

The problem is that when we do that, we become known more for what we are against rather than Who we are for.

The problem is that too often our protests turn out to look exactly like how the world would deal with a similar issue.

Honestly, if we are living our lives the way we should, we ought to expect this sort of thing.  We ought to see that in a twisted way, we are being complimented because the world doesn’t understand us.  We should expect mockery.

Most of all, we should take the opportunity to glorify God and promote His Son in a way that does not imitate those who are mocking us.

What do you think about the show GCB?  Will it last?  Or will it be a flash in the pan?  How can you use this opportunity to proclaim the gospel of Christ?

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What’s Your Story?

January 29, 2012 8 comments

I would like to kick off February in two ways.  I’m going to tell you a little about me.  Then I want to know a little about you.

I’m 43 years old.  I’m working on my twentieth year of marriage to my lovely wife, Jan.  I have two outstanding kids, Lauren and Andrew, who will both be in high school next year.  I came to know Christ when I was 25, even though I had been in church all of my life.

I surrendered to a call to ministry in 1999.  I thought that meant I had to go to seminary and be a pastor.  So, that’s what I did.  I went to seminary for a year and then returned home.  However, I never became the pastor I thought I would be.

Now, I preach in a campground from late spring through fall.  I teach in church any time I can.  We are also in the beginning stages in a new church.  You can follow those adventures every Monday.

I love to write my blog and interact with all of you good folks who choose to visit Deuceology.  I’ve made more mistakes than I care to admit while blogging.  I love this community that I have become a part of in the blogosphere.

That’s my story.

Your turn.

What’s your story?