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The Weekly Round-Up

February 4, 2012 3 comments

What a week in Deucology land.  Let’s get right to it.

The new look seemed to go over well.  Several people commented that they liked.  I have also continued to explore the idea of going to a self-hosted blog.  I learned a great deal about it.  My friend, Jon, did this recently and has offered to share his experience with me.  (Jon, I’ve got to give you a call and talk about that.)

Here is a rundown of this week’s posts:

I Never Had “A” Salvation Experience started the week out on Sunday.  I conveyed how salvation is not just an experience in the past, but something that is present in my life every day.

First Church Year #2 on Monday continues our adventure of settling in at our new church.

January ended on Tuesday with me sharing Random Thoughts At The End Of January.

On Wednesday, I asked the question What’s Your Story?  I got some great comments from several of you.

I shared one of my favorite posts on Thursday, Wave Your Hands In The Air.

I ended the work week yesterday with My Quitter Experience.

Let me just say a word about yesterday.  Friday was one of those rare days that hasn’t happened very often.  Does the way I just said that make it double rare?  My college friends, Tony and Gretchen, kicked off the day by discovering my blog on Facebook.  They read several posts and got my traffic off to a great start.  Then it got really crazy.

I tweeted to Jon Acuff about the post, since his Quitter book inspired it.  Later, I commented on his blog and he replied.  He even asked if he could write a post about my experience, and, of course, I said yes.  That little exchange seemed to have driven about 25% of my blog traffic yesterday.  So, in a very public way, I want to thank Jon Acuff.  I met Jon once and he is someone who is truly interested in helping others achieve their dreams.

Another thing that happened this week was that there were more comments than any other weeks.  I passed 1,000 total comments.  That is something that truly makes this experience special.  I appreciate everyone who takes a few minutes to engage in the conversation.

I hope you all have a great weekend.

How was your week?  If you blog, how were things your way?


I Never Had “A” Salvation Experience

January 29, 2012 6 comments

Ask most folks about their salvation experience and what will they say?

Most will refer to some time when they were a kid and walked down an aisle during the invitation.  Perhaps they will refer to a night during VBS when they were in elementary school.  Maybe they are referring to going one night to a revival meeting.

It could be any point in the past.

How about you?  Do you look back to your salvation experience?

I don’t.

I refer to my salvation experience as now.

Now, if you want to refer to a specific point when I was born again and justified, I’m with you.  That happened when I was twenty-four.

Salvation hasn’t ended though.

Salvation is a continuous event.  I continue to benefit from that moment.  I have life.  Not just any kind of life.  It’s abundant life.  It’s eternal life.

He continues to sanctify me.  That is part of salvation.

One day He will glorify me.  That is part of salvation.

You want to say that your salvation experience is in the past?  I’ll argue that point with you.

If you know Christ, salvation is a continual experience.

I never had “a” salvation experience.  It’s still going on.

Tell me about your salvation experience.