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What A Strange Thing That Happened

November 25, 2012 11 comments

Once upon a time I was told, jokingly of course, that encouragement was not my spiritual gift.  That kind of hurt my feeling at the time, but after a few years of reflection I kind of have to agree with them.  There are simply some people in the Church who have the gift to encourage others.

Not me.  I have to work at it.  And I do so.  In fact, that  is one of the main purposes of this blog.  I want to encourage others to really think about what we in the Church do,  In turn, I hope that they come away from a blog post stronger in their walk with the Lord.

So, I was taken aback a bit to find myself in a debate this week with a rationalist/atheist.

Somehow they found one of my posts and decided that I would be a good person to debate how irrational our faith is.

I actually agreed with them.  From their perspective.  It is totally irrational from their view to believe in Someone we don’t see and can’t “prove”.

We went back and forth a bit until I asked myself a question.

Why was this happening?

Why after writing what is closing in on 600 blog posts would someone pick up one that I wrote weeks ago and had moved on from?

Here’s why I believe that happened.  It’s ok if you don’t, but I believe in this sort of thing.

My family and I have changed churches.  Not only have we changed churches, but we are happier in church right now than we have been in years.  We are taking it slow, but we are slowly submerging more of our feet each week.  Our lives are changing.

The enemy isn’t happy with that.

So, boom.  The enemy led someone to find a particular post of mine.  They engaged me in a way that I am not sure I have ever been engaged before.

You see, we don’t struggle with flesh and blood, but with rulers and powers and world forces of this darkness, and the spiritual forces of wickedness.

The real fight was not with any atheist that happened to find my blog.  The real fight was a battle that I could not see with my eyes.

What a strange thing that happened.

Have you ever found yourself in a situation and realized that it was a spiritual battle?