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What Is Your Greatest Treasure?

February 18, 2016 1 comment

I’ll start today with that simple question.  What is your greatest treasure?

It could be anything.  It could be your family.  Your spouse.  Your children or all family as a whole.

It could be your job.  You do great in your career and, above everything else, you pursue it with all of your heart.

Maybe it’s your sports team.  You live, breathe and die a particular team.  Perhaps it’s whatever sport is in season.

It could be some possession.  Anything you own.  Your house.  Your car.

The thing about it is that all of these are wrong.  At least they are if you and I share the same faith.

The Bible is clear that Jesus should be our greatest treasure.  He is our pearl of great price.  He is the treasure we find in a field and sell everything so we can buy the field.

The problem is that few of us get this right.  We fall short of truly making Jesus our treasure.

How do we make this happen?  How do we make Jesus our greatest treasure?

We have to spend time with Him.  We have to spend to become so intimate with Him that we are enthralled with Him.  It’s much like when we first met our spouse.  We wanted nothing more than to spend time with them.  We thought about them all the time.  We might have written love letters to them.  We couldn’t wait to talk to them on the phone.  We might even give up a meal so we could spend time with them.

Let’s do what we can to pursue Christ in such a way in our lives that He truly is our greatest treasure.

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