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Having Followers Doesn’t Mean You Have A Tribe

November 25, 2013 12 comments

We hear about it all the time.  At least those of us who are into blogging and such.

Build your platform.  Gather your followers.  Establish a tribe.

There is nothing wrong with any of that.  I want some of that myself.  There’s just one thing I have decided, though.

Having followers doesn’t mean you have a tribe.

Just ask Jesus.

People followed him all over Israel.  He started with a few fisherman.  He gathered some other Galileans.  Some zealots jumped on board and maybe some other political revolutionaries as well.

A few Pharisees sneaked in to see him in the dead of night, though most of them followed him in the daylight trying to catch him violating the law, or at least their version of it.  A few women joined in and seemed to help Jesus out financially.

The crowds gathered.  The crowds faded.  The treasurer betrayed Christ.  One of his right hand guys cursed and denied Him.

Jesus had plenty of followers.  Not all of them were in his tribe though.  Not all of them followed the Way. Everyone didn’t know the Truth.  They all didn’t live the Life.

If all of Jesus’ followers didn’t form His tribe, why should we expect anything to be different for us?

Some people show up for a while and then disappear.  Let’s face it, we’ve probably been guilty of it ourselves.  We follow someone hard for a while and then our interest wains.

I have figured out the secret to what it takes to form a tribe.  It sounds counter-intuitive.  It doesn’t make sense.  It has taken me a while to get this through my thick skull.

Tribes are not formed by writing blogs and waiting for someone to show up to read them.

Tribes are formed by establishing connections with people who truly benefit them.

What did Jesus do?  He said, “Follow me.”  Those that did and stuck with him gained the greatest benefits possible, far beyond what they could imagine.

What should we do?  Do what you can to benefit those who have chosen to follow you.  Seek out ways to benefit them in ways that somehow reach farther than just the post you wrote or the comments they make.

How do you do that?  Hey, I’m just now figuring some of this out.  Don’t expect me to have it all worked out yet.  I’m on a journey.  I just hope you’ll walk along with me.

Do you have followers?  A tribe?  Both?

***This is the 900th Deuceology post since I started this blog in 2011.  Thanks for hanging in there with me***

Making Church Art

February 26, 2012 1 comment

Art is a personal gift that changes the recipient.— Seth Godin from Linchpin

I have been on a kick over the past few weeks reading Seth Godin.  I have read Purple Cow.  I have read Tribes. Now, as  I write this, I am reading Linchpin.  I’m not going into a description of these books.  However, the quote above stuck out to me as I read it.  And it made me wonder.  It made me wonder about how this applies to church.

For a lot of us, art in church stops when we get out of kiddie church.  We stop coloring, drawing pictures and playing with PlayDough.  But if we look at art differently, then it never truly disappeared.

We who are a part of the Church have been changed.  If anyone is in Christ, they are a new creation.  What changed them?  What changed us?  Of course, it is Christ who changed us.  But how did He do it?

I love to tell the story, ’twill be my theme in glory, to tell the old, old story of Jesus and his love.

Someone told us the story.  Yes, there is doctrine in it.  Yes, there is theology behind it.  Yes, there are facts in it.  But at the heart of it, there is a story.  An old, old Story.  And what is a story?  At its best its art.  And this is the best Story of all, isn’t it?

This is a story that comes directly from the throne of God and changes the recipient.

So, how does that quote apply to church?

We have received the greatest art possible from God.  We have received the Story.

Are we letting that Art, that Story change how we do church?

Are we simply trying to teach some facts in Sunday School or bible study today?  Or are we creating art that will change our lives?  Are we telling the Story?

Are simply singing songs that will entertain us for a few minutes?  Or are we creating art?  Are we telling the Story?

How about the sermon?  Are we sitting there passively waiting for lunch?  Or are we creating art with the pastor?  Are we participating in the Story?

How about anything else we do in church?  Are we telling the Story?

What difference would this make in our churches if the Story was driving what we did?  What if we approached everything we did in church as being great, exceptional and true Art?

What about the other six days of the week?  Is the Story driving what we do?

How about you?  Are you making church Art?  Do you love to tell the Story?  In everything you do?

The Weekly Round-Up 2/11/12

February 11, 2012 Leave a comment

It’s that time of the week, time to recap the past week.

This was one of those weeks where I was worn completely out.  I think it showed on a couple of blog posts.  I’m guessing that all of my friends and readers feel that way from time to time.  Thanks for your patience.

Sunday brought the world Pink Slime.  Jan was appreciative that we do not have pink slime in our house.

First Church Year #3 was posted on Monday and continued our adventures in our new church.

There was a Fight For Unity on Tuesday.

Wednesday’s The Lavishness Of His Grace was one of the slower days of the week.

Thursday was a good day with The Not Many.

Friday finished the week with I Need A Theme Song and, wow, did I need a theme song.

In the interest of making this simply more than an aggregate post, I want to share a couple of things from this week.

A friend has asked me to contribute to a magazine in the fall.  It will not be like anything I write on this blog.  I’m pretty excited about it.

I also read Seth Godin’s Tribes this week and have started his Purple Cow.  I am definitely glad to be a part of so many of your tribes.  I hope to continue to work to make this blog a purple cow.

Looking forward, I’m not sure what the blog has coming this week.  I’ll probably have a better feel for it tomorrow.  Monday will definitely bring another First Church Year.  I have several written posts in the hopper and I have tons of ideas to write.

Also, please pray with me about a book idea I have.  It is based on one of  my past blog posts, but it continues to grow.  I continue to make notes about it.  I’ve shared the details with my wife and a close friend.  They are both pretty jazzed up about it.  I look forward to sharing more about it.

Until tomorrow, when a new Deuceology post comes out, this is Larry The Deuce signing off.

What To Expect In 2012

December 26, 2011 2 comments

This week I am not blogging about anything too serious.  Today, I just want to tell you what to expect as you read here on Deuceology in 2012.

Some of the most popular posts that I have had this year are my church search posts.  I will continue these until we have settled on a church.  Once we do settle on one, I want to begin a new series tentatively called First Year In Church.

I have another idea for a series called The God Who Intrudes.  I would like to turn that one into a book, so if you hang in there with me on it, you will hopefully be getting a preview.

Twitterific Thursday is not going anywhere.  It will continue to be my Thursday post (like it could be another day. Twitterific Tuesday doesn’t have the same ring to it)

Saturdays will have the weekly roundup.

I am starting to make plans to attend the Killer Tribes conference in March.  Hopefully I can pick up some ideas that will make this whole Deuceology thing better.

I continue to find my “voice” so expect some things that even I can’t anticipate at this point

Thank you for reading and I hope to interact with all of you even more in the coming year.

Weekly Roundup 12/3/11

December 3, 2011 2 comments

The past week was a good one and ended the best month I’ve ever had.

My most popular post was Church Search Results, where I summarized the past month’s church search and rated the four churches.

Church Search #4 was the next most popular.  It seems that the church search has really boosted traffic to my blog.

Tribes was my least visited post.

As I finished November, I had more blog traffic and comments than any other month I’ve had.  In fact, I had over 700 more views than October and 400 more than any other months.  I appreciate everyone who visits and reads the ramblings of my mind.  I especially read the comments that several of you leave.


November 27, 2011 2 comments

Do you belong to a tribe?  More than likely you do.  More than likely, you belong to several of them.

You probably belong to a family tribe.  You may belong to a tribe of friends.  Perhaps you belong to a tribe of people who have a similar hobby or common interest.  Maybe you belong to a tribe of people with a common faith.

What holds you and your tribe(s) together?

Is it the common interest?  Is it the common faith?  Is it a common purpose?  Do you simply like each other?  Is it common experience?  What is it exactly?

My family and I are currently looking for a new faith tribe.  We are looking for a new church home.  I’m wondering what it is exactly that will make it “click” for us.

In some previous posts I tried to explain some things that I am looking for in a new church.  While there are certain characteristics, I also think that there is a an X-Factor in this.  I don’t believe it is simply an intellectual decision.  I’m not sure how it works.  I believe we pray and somehow the Holy Spirit guides us to where He wants us.  So far we have visited three churches.  We may visit three more.  Or not.

This is what I do know.  We are looking for a church home where we can do a few basic things.  We can worship.  We can serve.  We can love.  Everything else is pretty well rolled into those three.

Why do you belong to your faith tribe, your church?